Relais Castel d'Emilio
Relais Castel d'Emilio
Relais Castel d'Emilio
Relais Castel d'Emilio
Relais Castel d'Emilio
Castel d’Emilio is a small and well-preserved village, built in the Land of Castels, 20 minutes away from Conero’s beaches and the main turistic attractions (hills, mountains, cities).
Our residences are located in the Relais Castel d’Emilio, a complex of 3 houses, built between the XI° and the XV° centuries. Close to the apartments you can find the Bacaro Padovano, a perfect place for having a drink and spending delightful evenings.
The land that hosts our structures is rich in historical and cultural traditions, as well as gastronomic specialties that satisfy the most refined palates. A natural oasis of peace, capable of offering recreational opportunities for every need.





the territory

Medieval villages: The Land of Castles is an ancient land located between the hills that surround the city of Ancona. The area of the Land of Castles is delimited by the Esino and Alto Musone rivers, and in this area, you can find five municipalities: Agugliano, Camerata Picena, Offagna, Polverigi, and Santa Maria Nuova.
The sea on the horizon: a unique coastline, a stunning backdrop of clean and swimmable waters. The coastal strip south of Ancona is a stretch of white, unspoiled beaches. Solitary coves alternate with more easily accessible and equipped beaches, all the way to the Marcelli beach, with numerous services and entertainment opportunities.
Up and down the hills: these hills represent the fullest expression of the diversity of the Marche region, where the work of the land and the knowledge derived from it constitute the roots of a solid civilization, capable of engaging with the most refined arts of its masters, the enlightened literature of its poets and writers, and the elegant forms and thoughts of its cities. Hills that follow their own order, clearer in the central-south of the region, more "primitive" towards the north. Scenic or discreet promontories, cultivated or wild, inhabited or solitary.


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